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The Taser Pulse, A Compact Personal Protection Device That Packs A Punch

The company Taser International launched a whole new electronic control device (ECD) at the 2016 SHOT Show. The self defense device is made for non-law enforcement use and is known as the Pulse. Unlike the existing C2 weapon intended for civilian use, the Pulse is pistol shaped and is a link amongst…

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Safety Consultants And Safety Consultancy In Singapore

SKS CONSULTING is a security consultancy firm set up by a gaggle of dynamic and delegated Safety consultants with huge experience in workplace Safety and well being matters, risk management and fireplace Safety in various varieties of industries in Singapore. Based in 1894 as Underwriters Laboratori…

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Precisely how can the Taser device be so effective yet non-injurious?

The Taser device doesn't rely on impact, pain or body penetration to achieve its effect. Its pulsating electric output disturbs communication between the brain and the muscular system, causing loss of control. However, the unit is non-destructive to nerves, muscles and also other body elements. It s…

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Bookshelf Gun Safe

One of the unlucky penalties of residing in the society and setting we stay in is that we are very weak to unfavorable human affairs. In other words, people generally do steal, cheat, lie and do issues that overtly damage others. We all want this wasn't true - but it's inconceivable to hide from the…

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The Perfect Strategy To Keep Yourself Safe Within An Apartment

The SafeFamilyLife Ultimate Apartment Survival Kit is precisely arranged for apartment security and safety. From the door stop security alarm, to a small infrared alarm, to a diversion safe for your valuables, to your personal security with pepper sprays. Plus a handbook with guidelines for each ite…

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Adjustable Leg Holsters

As an armed citizen, hunter, a regulation enforcer or a warrior on the gun vary, getting to decide on a good leg holster, typically proves to be tough as a result of minimal amount of knowledge out there on handgun equipment. Before purchasing a leg holster it's good to understand it's numerous sort…

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The Perfect Flashlight To Meet Your Needs

The 1200 Lumens LED Zoomable Flashlight features a strong punch thinking of its size! Using the CREE XM-L2 LED lamp together with a rechargeable 3.7V Lithium battery, this kind of flashlight puts out Twelve hundred blinding lumens of brightness! Add it to your Go-Bag or just put it to use as your ED…

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Ideas On Getting a Gun Safe

Getting a firearm protected for your home wants plenty of planning and a spotlight, specifically as these might be very pricey. Gun safes are among the finest methods to retailer any firearms or guns you possess and are unbelievable to ensure different family members and youngsters do not need entry…

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Obtained A Steel Expandable Baton On The Internet

I had been shopping on the web to locate self defense weapons. I wanted to find something which wasn't deadly, but would keep me secure. I discovered a few websites that were selling different things and found some pepper spray I needed that hooked into a key chain. I searched around a tad bit more …

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