Polyurethane PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

A convenient control panel is equipped with for customers' straightforward management of varied data required for foaming process. It equipped with a handy management panel (Control panel) as a way to simply regulate the assorted polyurethane sandwich panel machine data required for the firing course of. It's a device that makes the form of sandwich panel applying fixed strain and warmth to the upper and decrease metal plate foamed with polyurethane. A tool that cuts sandwich panel fabricated at Laminating Unit to the length desired by users utilizing a band noticed.
Mineral Rock Wool Sandwich Panel for Wall,US $ 10 e-Credit score Line; Inspection Service; Our monthly Production capacity is 630,000 sq. toes of prefab homes. Polyurethane sandwich panel Production line, particularly polyurethane composite insulation board Production line, is made up of two layers: cement, aluminum foil and non-woven,Within the soft base material corresponding to fabric and paper, particular tools for producing phenolic resin (polyurethane) foam sandwich board, the thickness of sandwich panel is 20-100mm, width 1200mm, size is fastened.
The length of the part permits to shape the metal a part of the panel with elevated precision, also minimizing the mechanical load on the coated floor. The foam is applied evenly on the primer layer all over the panel area, due to the differentiated speed of the shelling out head. In the course of the movement inside the 26-meter press, as the results of chemical parts' response and foam expansion limitation, the panel shape is formed. The horizontal planes of the press encompass completely even metal plates, which offer the fixed panel thickness.

Because the foam formation course of isn't terminated after the exit from the line bud it continues then for about other 24 hours, the completed sandwich panels rest in the warehouse with managed temperature situations. In addition, we use the PIR (Poly Isocyanurate) which it has the resistance to flame so the panel has the high resistance to flame. Un-coiler is a tool that inputs steel coil to the higher and decrease elements of sandwich panel to feed it stably. Often it makes the gorgeous and delicate form of selection wall and roof sort panel.
In addition to the already huge vary of sandwich panels, the company is supplied with metal profiling machines to create the preferred ribbed profile sheets for normal coverings as well as for the constructing of steel/concrete slabs. Economic building method is among the major drivers which has supported this composite panel progress.
Eightbond aluminum honeycomb panels are product of high-quality imported raw materials, precision... scorching urgent and..A: We produce honeycomb panel with 20 years producing expenrience. It typically consists of Roll Forming Line, Preheating Section, PU Allotting Part, Double Slat-Urgent Conveyor Line, Cross Cutter, Stacker, Cooling Conveyor and Packing Line.

One of the predominant purposes for sandwich panels made by the discontinuous process is refrigerated cold store panels. Whether they are standard or tailored the necessities needed to make chilly storage panels imply that discontinuous Production is almost indispensable. The discontinuous Production methodology consists in the polyurethane foam combination pouring or injection into the cavity between two facings throughout the platens of a standing press.
Superior Polyurethane adhesive property could make complete block between foam and metal panel and not need different material to stay again. The Production adopts Siemens control system, Humanized interface straightforward to function, monitor and regulate the parameters to assure Production working secure and successfully. Sandwich panels have λ-values from zero.024 W/(m.K) for polyurethane to zero.05 W/(m.Okay) for mineral wool.
The NT-PUSP-7Z steady PU (polyurethane) sandwich panel Production line is specially designed for producing Z-lock PU sandwich panel continuously. The roll forming part which manufacturing the upper and lower half through the use of steel sheet and scorching press half is for use by discharging the polyurethane foam. Specification of PU sandwich panels: Benefit: 1, Colorful: Elective Colours as per RAL, often sea blue or gray...2) Good reputation on your firm as a result of the high quality of our sandwich panel. The manufactured from high density polyurethane foam...We're a number one Embossed metallic decorative wall sandwich panel manufacturer.

The All Types of Sandwich Panels Discontinuous Production Line Consisting of Automated Exchangeable Roll Forming Line, Multi-Layer Vertical Sizzling Press Line Available for Tilting and Automated Lengthwise(or Crosswise) PU/PIR Allotting System and Dual PU/PIR High Strain Injection Line. Since this line needs increased Production pace and decrease labour price, we are going to suggest all out there Strategies from the Discontinuous line to meet the large possibility for numerous Kinds of Sandwich Panels and Crucial Production Speed.

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